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The purpose of the Fitchburg Sportsmen's Club, Inc. shall be to perpetuate, improve and foster interests and activities in the areas of hunting, fishing, conservation and outdoor recreation for this and future generations.


Members - please be sure you have logged in (your name should be in the upper right corner of the page) otherwise you may miss important information, not all information is available to the public.


Rifle Range

The Rifle range is open to Members and guests. 

It has 12 shooting benches and movable target stancions that can be placed at 25, 50 and 100 yards.

Pistols may also be fired at this range.

View of Shooting stations at Rifle Range.

Downrange view at Rifle Range

Above is the main entry gate to the pond area and the Rifle Range.  This gate uses the "Main Gate" code from your membership card.
Above is the Rifle Range gate.  This gate uses the "Range Gate" code from your membership card.

Pistol Range

Range is approximately 25 yards with no shooting benches.
Target stanchions are NOT usually provided at this range.
Shooting of rifles are not allowed at this range.


Above:  Pistol range shooting stations (upper left), side view as you approach the range (upper right), downrange view (lower left), pistol range gate (lower right).  Use the "Range Gate" code from your membership card.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM to sunset

Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 AM to sunset

If you cannot see it is too dark to shoot.

Range Closures:

All ranges are closed during shotgun and primitive firearms for deer, during club scheduled workdays , fishing derbies, range maintenance and other club sanctioned events.

The rifle range is also closed during the weekly scheduled trap shoots.

All ranges may be closed on other dates as deemed necessary by the Range Committee.  Range closings will be posted in the website CalendarIt is the member’s responsibility to be aware of the dates that the ranges are unavailable.

Range Access:

In order to access the ranges members must have completed a "Range Orientation" prior to May 2018, thereafter the Range Rules are covered in the New Member Orientation.

For complete range rules please review the FSC Range Rules

Facility Usage Guidelines/Guest Policy

Members in good standing of the Fitchburg Sportsmen’s Club, their children under 18, and their guests may use the ranges at the club.  All members must sign in on the Range Usage Log located at the pistol and rifle range and MUST have membership cards with them on the ranges.

There is a $5.00 fee per guest, per day.  For more information on the Guest Policy please review the FSC Guest Log Policy

All guests must complete and sign a waiver form.  These forms are located in the Clipboard located at each range.

A Guest Form must be completed and signed by both the guest and the member.  This form is also located in the clipboard at the ranges.

The completed guest and waiver forms must be placed in an envelope with the appropriate guest fee and deposited in the Drop Box located at the ranges.


 Flag Protocol 


       Red Flag Up - Range is HOT
Shooters are shooting or preparing to shoot. 

Absolutely no one forward of the firing line.


      Green Flag Up - Range is COLD

Shooters can proceed downrange to check/change targets.
Under no circumstances should a firearm be handled when the green flag is up. 
This includes casing and uncasing of firearms.


Use Red flag/Green flag protocol even when on the ranges alone

Safety is the #1 priority at all our ranges.  If you should witness a rules violation or safety issue by anyone please obtain and complete the Range Incident Report Form.